After watching  a program on television featuring a diner  that made 8 oz burgers topped with cheese and jalapeno peppers, my husband and I made a spontaneous visit to Five Guys to get one for ourselves.  That didn't quite satisfy my burger craving, however, so last night burgers were on the menu.  The meat came from the only place I purchase ground beef anymore, Kingsville Market, on Rt. 1.  The last time I purchased ground beef at some place other than the market I ended up with a broken molar requiring a crown, and becaue I didn't save the piece of bone that caused the infraction, I had to foot the bill myself.  Two things resulted; the purchase of dental insurance, and the promise to never buy my ground beef anywhere but "The Market" as we call it, ever ever again.  They grind the meat themselves, and will even custom grind it for you, if you prefer it from a different cut of meat than what they have on hand. 
   The meat was generously salted, and I mixed in a bit of burger seasoning that consisted of black pepper, chili pepper, onion, red bell pepper, sugar, garlic, and salt.  This is an all natural blend made by a local spice company.  Two of the burgers were stuffed with blue cheese.  I did this by taking the amount of meat I use for one burger...between 1/4 and 1/3 pound....and dividing it in half.  Each half was flattened to a 1/4 inch thickness, and I crumbled a tablespoon or so of blue cheese between them, pinching the edges to seal them together. 
   My boys love French fried onions on their burgers, so I tossed some sliced onions (1/8"?) in flour and a bit of salt, and browned them in a butter/oil mix...just enough to cover the bottom of a pan, but not quite a deep fry....When the onions were golden, I transferred them to a paper-towel lined bowl.  The residual flour oil mixture was removed from the pan and the burgers were added.  We like ours with pink in the middle, and feel safe eating them this way because I trust the butchers at "The Market" to provide  good quality meat.  Once out of the pan, the burgers were topped with Meunster cheese...all but one, as my youngest prefers American cheese.  We added our French fried onions and condiments of our choice..Tobasco spicy ketchup to mayonaise being the favorites around here.
   The burgers were accompanied by whole sweet peppers, yellow corn, and Lundberg Wild Blend...my very favorite rice.  I'm not sure, but I think my burger craving has been satisfied....but I might have to wait until I see another cooking show featuring burger joints, just to be sure.

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