Daily Pie Cafe...

This is the pie case at my brother's restaurant in Pie Town, New Mexico.  To find out more click here...  http://www.dailypie.com/

Charm City Cook
This is a great blog written by a friend from way back in elementary school.  She has really shed a lot of light on the many wonderful restaurants and other attractions in and around Baltimore.  But that's not all you will find.  Oodles of recipes made from fresh ingredients, photographs that take your breath away, and lots of helpful hints and references.    http://charmcitycook.blogspot.com/ 


On a Lady's Writing

Her even lines her steady temper show ;
Neat as her dress, and polish'd as her brow ;
Strong as her judgment, easy as her air ;
Correct though free, and regular though fair :
And the same graces o'er her pen preside
That form her manners and her footsteps guide.


Lovely sketches, like the one to the left, were often done to practice the flourishes that were necessary for good penmanship in centuries past.

Today I dropped in to visit a friend and she offered me a glass of port...then gave me a glass of sherry.  I thought to myself, "What's the difference?"  click below to find out!