Mom of All Trades

This is a place for me to share my experiences and experiments as a homemaker.  I am always looking for more efficient and successful ways of doing things.  I am a do-it-yourselfer and was always encouraged by my parents to be creative and try anything.  I don't ever remember them saying "No, you can't do that." I surely am not always successful, but am usually glad I tried!  I have found it a pleasure to learn how to do many many interesting things, from baking and decorating birthday and wedding cakes to driving a fork lift.  I hope to encourage anyone who takes the time to drop by to believe that, as men are created in God's image, we are to be creative  as well!  Don't be afraid to try things!
   I want to encourage people to overcome their perceived weaknesses so that their life can be used to serve God and others. One way I was able to do this was to overcome my lack of organization.  I have found it a joy to bring order into my home.  It may not be as orderly as some...but compared to how I started, it's an improvement.  This is just one area where I will share my experiences. 
   I would love to hear from others, whether in the form of questions or your input on a certain topic covered on this page.

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